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What We’re Good At

At Wordible, we specialize in English editing and Korean translation. We believe in the transformative power of language, which is why we employ a team of professional linguists with expertise in academic writing to provide a differentiated service that is reliable and has a quality assurance guarantee.

Owned and operated by
PhD-qualified linguists

Trust Wordible for the best-in-class language services, backed by a powerful team of PhD linguists. Our editors and translators are rigorously evaluated and trained to ensure your projects shine with premium quality output every time.

Qualified editors and

All our editors and translators have postgraduate qualifications, giving them a superior understanding of many academic disciplines. Together, they provide an unbeatable combination for crafting your papers with precision and perfection.

Guaranteed satisfaction

Our commitment to satisfying our customers is unrivaled as we guarantee top-notch outputs and timely delivery that meet all your expectations, or else we’ll take full responsibility until you’re completely satisfied—free of charge!

Dedicated quality
assurance team

At Wordible, we go above and beyond to ensure that all our editing and translation services are of the highest standard. Our experienced linguists employ a multi-level process of quality assurance, so you can confidently rely on us for consistent accuracy every time.

Our Approach

From the moment we receive your paper, our team of experts begins
to tailor each step in its journey towards completion.

Assigning your linguist

Once we receive your paper, we analyze it for subject matter and level of complexity before assigning a linguist with the relevant skill set and expertise.

Preparing your document

Once assigned, your assigned linguist will apply their background knowledge and experience to put together precisely what you need—be it traditional editing or translation services alike!

In-house editing

To make sure that everything is up-to-scratch afterwards, an experienced editor reads over all translated works and makes any necessary edits.

Quality assurance

Last but not least, our PhD-qualified QA team reviews all projects before their final delivery, guaranteeing only the finest output at any given time.

Our Service

Our services are ever evolving as we strive to meet the needs of our clients.
We offer exceptional English academic editing and Korean translation services, providing a great solution for both native speakers and language learners. Take advantage now by using our professional services that will help you with your writing or communication skills.

Journal Articles

Get your manuscript ready for publication with our comprehensive editing package to help refine and perfect both the structure and style of your work.


Our experienced team will help ensure that you have a polished, clear and concise abstract ready to be presented.

Postgraduate Essays

We offer industry-leading essay editing services, helping postgraduate students to reach their highest potential.


Unlock your future potential with our expert team who will guide you in communicating your greatest accomplishments and put forth a standout application.

Recommendation Letters

Our team will work diligently to make sure your skills, qualifications, and character shine through in every letter.

Business and Government

Get the very best in accuracy and quality to achieve your desired goals with our team of editors and translators.

How It Works

Ready to get started on a project but unsure of where or how?
Don’t fret! Follow these three simple steps.

1. Select your service

On our order page, simply select the service and document type that best fits your needs and enter in your document's word count.

2. Upload your document

When you are ready, upload your document onto our secure system with just a few clicks, and decide on when you would like the work completed by.

3. Download your order

Sit back while our expert team transforms your document into perfection within your specified timeframe. Once they're done, simply download and enjoy!

Let’s Get Started

Ready to get your journey started?
Let’s explore the range of services we offer and find one that best suits you.

Editing Services

Our team of professional academic editors will perfect spelling and grammar, ensure logical consistency, and improve flow. Plus, receive free formatting for journal manuscripts with any of our services.


Translation Services

Don't let language stand in your way. Our highly trained Korean-English bilingual translators have extensive research and publishing backgrounds, giving them unrivaled knowledge in various academic fields.


Post-service Support

If you've already worked with us on a document, simply return it in its revised form and take advantage of our post-service support at half the price.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is academic editing?

Academic editing requires a high degree of technical language expertise, research ability, and an in-depth knowledge of the specific subject matter being edited. The skillset required for professional academic editors goes beyond what is expected from editors working with non-academic pieces such as magazine articles or blog posts—even though both must demonstrate strong writing proficiency and excellent attention to detail—since editors dealing with academic material should have advanced knowledge about a variety of topics related to their area(s) of focus. Therefore, it is essential for these professionals to remain up to date about advances made in those fields so that their edits reflect current standards accurately.

What is academic translation?

Academic translation is a specialized form of translation that requires an understanding of technical language, research ability, and the ability to understand complex concepts in various academic fields. It differs from regular translation because it involves conveying information accurately using terms and phrases specific to certain academic disciplines. The translator must be able to clearly explain ideas as well as use appropriate language to reflect the original tone or meaning of the text they are translating. Because academic translation involves research ability, translators must have an extensive background knowledge about a variety of topics within the target field in order to properly translate texts related to that subject matter.

Why is academic editing important?

Editing is an integral part of the academic writing process and is vital for ensuring that your work meets international standards. An editor will help adhere to certain style conventions or guidelines and ensure consistency throughout your work by eliminating any spelling, grammatical, or structural errors. Academic editing enhances the quality of your research in terms of language and content by offering guidance on how to better present your research ideas. Such feedback provides valuable insights into how to best improve upon existing drafts before submitting them for publication or review, which ultimately speeds up the examination process and ensures a strong publishing record.