About Us

Welcome to The Wordible Company, your gateway to exceptional academic language services. Headquartered in Australia and boasting a registered presence in Korea, we are a distinguished provider of top-tier translation and editing solutions for clients worldwide. Our dedicated team of experienced linguists and editors is committed to bridging languages, transcending borders, and empowering academic researchers, students, and businesses.

At The Wordible Company, we take pride in our unwavering commitment to precision, cultural sensitivity, and quality. Our professional services cater to diverse academic fields, admissions, and business needs, ensuring that your message resonates with a global audience. Join our dynamic and supportive community and be a part of a team that thrives on making an impact in international academic and business communication. Explore a world of opportunities with The Wordible Company, where language knows no bounds.

Our Vision

At The Wordible Company, we envision a world where translation and editing services are more than just words; they are a gateway to insight, a path to precision, and a cornerstone of global communication.

Our core belief is in the power of language experts. We're here to challenge the status quo in the translation and editing industry, placing true professionals at the forefront. We are committed to ensuring that their skills and dedication are recognized, respected, and remunerated as they deserve.

Our mission is to enhance the professionalism of academic writing and translation, prioritizing perfection over anything else. We're not your run-of-the-mill translation and editing company. We believe that the quality of our work is a direct reflection of the expertise of our team. Driven by a passion for impactful communication and exacting standards, we aim to pioneer fresh paradigms in the field, creating transformative experiences.

In a world where many prioritize quantity over quality, we stand as a testament to the excellence that comes from dedication and experience. We're a team of experts with a vision to change the face of translation and editing, one word at a time.

Our Approach

At The Wordible Company, we have a unique approach. We understand the power of language, and we're committed to harnessing that power to empower academics, students, and businesses.

At the core of our approach lie two fundamental principles: Quality and Expertise.


Quality is our top priority at Wordible. We don't aim to translate in every language spoken across the globe. Instead, we've carefully selected two languages to focus on: Korean and English. Why? It's simple. Our commitment to quality is unwavering, and by honing our skills and expertise in these languages, we can guarantee excellence in every translation and edit. We believe in mastering our craft, not spreading ourselves thin.


Our team consists of language experts who bring a wealth of knowledge to the table. We understand the nuances, intricacies, and subtleties of the languages we work with. We're here to provide more than mere translation and editing; we're here to offer context, meaning, and precision.

Our approach isn't just a commitment; it's a testament to our dedication to quality. We believe in offering the very best in every language, and we've made it our mission to set the bar high. We're here to show the world what true expertise in translation means, one language at a time.

Meet Our Director

Dr. Alice Joo, the director of The Wordible Company, blends a rich academic background in linguistics with extensive experience in translation and education. Her passion for excellence and language skills fuels the company's mission to deliver top-tier academic language services. With a Ph.D. in Linguistics and a track record of meticulously translating academic papers and books, Dr. Joo is an experienced and dedicated figure in the field. Under her guidance, The Wordible Company continues to empower academic researchers, students, and businesses worldwide, emphasizing precision, inclusive language practices, and adaptive approach.