Academic Integrity

At Wordible, we hold academic integrity in the highest regard. Our team of essay translators and editors is here to support you on your educational voyage, all while upholding the utmost respect for professional translation and editing practices and university policies.

We understand the significance of preserving the authenticity of your unique perspective and interpretation of the study material, ensuring that your written voice remains genuine and unaltered. Consequently, we maintain stringent criteria regarding the handling of your writing.

What We Do

Correct spelling, punctuation, grammar, and syntax errors

Provide suggestions to enhance the logic, clarity, word choice, and flow of your original writing

Format your writing according to a chosen style

Verify the usage of formal academic English

What We Don't Do

Engage in extensive re-writing or restructuring of any section of your writing that goes beyond your original intention

Offer suggestions that alter or modify your understanding of the material

Generate or recreate any portion of your writing

Provide services for plagiarized content

Preserving the Write-eousness:

Our Plagiarism Policy

In our unwavering pursuit of academic excellence, we also stand as staunch opponents of plagiarism. We firmly believe that originality is the bedrock of scholarly achievement. Our mission is to equip you with the knowledge and tools to navigate the intricacies of proper citation and attribution, safeguarding your work from any inadvertent infringements.

To ensure a fair and honest editing experience, we kindly reserve the right to decline our services if we come across any indications of possible plagiarism in the client's work. It's important to us that every word you share reflects your unique voice and original ideas.

Plagiarism suspicions

We reserve the right to decline our services if we reasonably suspect plagiarism in a client's work. Should we identify any plagiarized sections in a document, we are unable to translate or edit those specific portions, regardless of their extent within the document.


Please note that refunds will not be issued for any sections that remain unedited due to plagiarism.

Client responsibility

We kindly ask our clients to take responsibility for ensuring the originality of all materials submitted to Wordible.

Offensive material

In addition to plagiarized work, we reserve the right to decline providing our services if we come across content that is deemed offensive or objectionable. Our goal is to ensure a safe and inclusive space for all individuals seeking our assistance.

At Wordible, we're not just a bunch of editors and translators—we're your friendly companions on the exciting journey of academic success. Join us and let's create remarkable essays while maintaining the integrity that makes your work truly exceptional.

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